Breed: Mastiff

Collar  Color:_____N/A_____________

Puppy Color:______________________

Date of Birth: __September 16th, 2013__________

Sex: Male

Registered Name:___________________________________________________________

Call Name:________________________________________________________________

AKC #:__________________

Microchip #:______________

Sire:________Champion Majestiks King Louie______________________________________________________

Dam:_______Redgates Toast Of The Town_________________________________________________________


For the purchase price of  $__2500___dollars, minus $500 to be used for future entry fees and show expenses. 

Minus Buyers deposit _________________________ .           


Final check amount being ______________________.    


Paid with check #___________






On this day of ______________Dana Moeller, dba Redgate Mastiffs, hereafter referred to as the Breeder, agrees
to sell co- ownership of and full physical possession rights to the above named dog, hereafter referred to as the
Show Dog, with the terms and conditions listed below to

___________________________________, hereafter referred to as the Buyer, for the duration of this contract.



The Show Dog shall be registered with the American Kennel Club to Dana Moeller and buyers.

Redgate will appear as the first part of the Show Dogs name with the Breeders permission.

The Buyer is to retain full possession rights and assume full responsibilities and liabilities for the Show Dog, unless the Show Dog is in the sole possession of the Breeder.

The Breeder is to be permitted temporary possession of the Show Dog at her request for the purpose of breeding, exhibiting and medical examinations or other purposes deemed necessary by the Breeder, arrangements will always be made in advance.

Neither party to this contract may sell or, in any other way, transfer ownership or possession of the Show Dog without written consent of the other parties.

Each party to this contractual agreement will have the first right of denial in any change of ownership throughout the life of the Show Dog.

Each party to this contract also agrees to defend and hold harmless the other parties in the event of any lawsuit brought because of the actions of the Show Dog while in the sole possession of that party.

The Buyer is to keep the Breeder appraised of the Buyers current address and any changes of address must be
reported in writing within 30 days of said change.

The Buyer has the sole responsibility for properly feeding and nutritioning a developing and functioning Show

To the best of his/her ability, the Buyer will provide for a safe and healthy environment.

Buyers will never knowingly nor through neglect, place the Show Dog in harms way.

The Buyer will also, to the best of his/her ability, keep the Show Dog in proper health and condition for show ring competition.

The Buyer will provide a fenced yard to prevent the Show Dog from running the streets.

The Buyer will provide the care of a qualified veterinarian in the case of illness or injury, and for preventative health care.

The Buyer will provide shelter and shade from the weather, both in winter and in the summer.

The Buyer will provide plenty of kind attention, clean water and allow this dog to be a companion in your home and not make this dog live outside.

The Buyer will take time to adequately socialize the dog with people and other dogs.

The Buyer will at NO TIME allow the Show Dog to ride outside of a travel crate, while in or on the bed of a pick up truck or any other open vehicle.

The Breeder recommends the use of a ramp for the Show Dog to enter or exit any high profile vehicle.

The Buyer agrees to allow the Breeder to the Show Dog for the purpose of exhibition at AKC and International events.

It is understood by the Breeder that the Buyers main interest is in acquiring a  Family Companion Dog.

The Breeder has identified a unique opportunity for this outstanding litter.

Because the Buyers live in relatively close proximity to the Breeder, the Breeder has reduced the purchase price of the Show Dog by $500. With the understanding that at some point in time, the Buyers will use those moneys to cover any future entry fees, handling fees- (if Professional Handling is required) and a portion of traveling expenses if necessary once the Show Dog is deemed worthy to compete for its Championship by the Breeder.  Arrangements will always be made in advance.

In the event that the Show Dog reaches maturity, a time mutually agreed upon by both parties (approximately two to three
years of age) and is not of sufficient quality to reach it's AKC conformation championship title, providing every
attempt to train, groom and actively show it has been made.

Buyer agrees to immediately spay/ neuter the Show Dog and keep it as a Family Companion, no replacement puppy will be offered.

The Breeder will sign ownership over to buyer and they will become sole owners of this dog.

*The Breeder has no interest in wasting anyones time or money should the Show Dog not fully reach Breeders expectations.

If in the event the Breeder is unable to continue to show dogs, due to illness, injury or death.  Buyers may continue to compete with the blessings of the Breeder but the Breeder is not obligated to continue if Breeder is unable to do so.



All owners will certify the Show Dog to be free from any genetic hip, elbow, thyroid, vWd or eye defects or any
inheritable diseases and will require any animals bred to the Show Dog to be so certified.

Breeding of this Show Dog will occur only, under the following terms.

*Show Dog must first maintain the quality that was anticipated upon date of purchase.
*Show Dog must be shown actively until which time a Championship is achieved.
*Show Dog must be xrayed for hip and elbow dysplasia and receive an OFA clearance of fair or better.
*Show Dog must be in good health, free from worms and up to date on all vaccinations.
*Breeder insists that Show Dog and any prospective mate must have a current brucellosis test in the case of a natural breeding.
*Certifications shall be maintained through the OFA with copies to all parties.

* Both Breeder and owners will have joint approval as to type, temperament, soundness, pedigree and health of animals to be bred to the Show Dog.

*Both parties will maintain full and complete records regarding any and all Show Dog offspring produced by the Show Dog.
* This is mandated threw the AKC, proper record keeping is essential.

All ordinary expenses for the daily existence and well being of the Show Dog will be paid by the Buyer, to
include; general care, medical expenses, general training and expenses seen below :

a. The cost of hip and elbow x-rays for permanent (2year) OFA certification.

b. The cost of CERF eye examinations and CERF registration.

c. Vwd and thyroid screening blood tests.

* Breeder agrees to handle dog free of charge. (Arrangements will always be made in advance.)

If Show Dog is male, any bitch that meets the requirements of the Breeding section of the agreement and is
owned or co-owned by either party may be bred to the Show Dog with no remuneration to either party.

If the Breeder wishes.  The Breeder may choose to have the Show Dogs Semen Collected and Frozen for use at a later time at Breeders expense.

If Show Dog is male, the revenues, if any are earned, shall be distributed equally between the Breeder and Buyers.

The rate of stud fee shall be set and firm on all approved breedings unless agreed to in writing by all parties to this contract.

The stud fee shall be mutually set after the Stud/Show Dog has passed soundness tests and amended accordingly in writing between the parties.

All attempts to contribute to the campaign of the Show Dog to its AKC conformation championship title will be
made by the Buyer.

Once this Show Dog has achieved it's AKC conformation championship title and/or breeding provisions have
been fulfilled the buyers will be the sole owner of this Show Dog.


The breeder retains breeding rights (live or frozen) for the life of the animal.

Breeder will offer Buyers, 1 puppy out of 1 Redgate breeding or the cash value of the puppy (Buyer option) , unless this breeding results in only one puppy.

Adequate means to make this choice will be provided to the Buyers.

This pick puppy will carry the name Redgate with no strings attached.

Buyers will be the sole owners of this puppy.

All resulting offspring of this Show Dog will be sold with contracts, be they show/breeding contracts or
pet/spay/neuter contracts.

No puppies will be sold or offered for sale at any pet store, commercial kennel,
“puppy parade”, “puppy flea markets”, or similar puppy mill outlets.

Buyers agree to socialize and practice exercises given to them by breeder and attend training classes in order to
bring the Show Dog to his full show potential.

Buyers agree, if at all possible, to bathe and transport Show Dog for ringside pickup at local shows if Breeder is
going to exhibit Show Dog for Buyers.

Buyers will be responsible for their own lodging expenses if they travel to shows.

Under no circumstances what so ever can this dog be spayed/neutered without the Breeders signed consent.

Breeder has the option of refunding Buyers their purchase price and take possession of the Show Dog, rather than agreeing to the spay/neuter.

Buyers failure to inform Breeder of a spay/neuter will be subject to damages 3 times the purchase price of this dog.

This Show Dog has been kept current on health care and shots, this now becomes Buyers responsibility.

It is recommended that Buyers, at their own expense, have the Show Dog examined by a veterinarian within 5
working days.

A full refund will be given for any Show Dog found to be unsatisfactory after veterinary exam during that time period.

Buyer agrees to have the Show Dogs hips xrayed when it becomes two years of age and have them OFA certified.

If above mentioned Show Dog; hips fail to receive a rating of fair or better, develop a disease which would cause the Show Dog to go blind, have Epileptic Seizures, develop Cystinuria (bladder stones), develop symptoms which would lead to a diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis (Wobblers Syndrome) Breeder agrees to replace the Show Dog with a new puppy of equal value, as soon as, one becomes available.

Buyer agrees, in this situation, to have the original Show Dog spayed or neutered immediately and may either keep it as a pet or return it to the Breeder for placement.

The Breeder shall not replace Show Dog in Partial or Complete Tears to Cruciate Ligaments of the knees or cases of Heat Stroke.  The Buyer needs to be aware that these are heavy weight dogs and it is Buyers responsibility to end play sessions which could cause injury or death if Show Dog is not encouraged to take much needed breaks during times of extreme exertion.

The Breeder is not financially liable for any surgeries, vet bills or boarding incurred by the Show Dog during the course of it's life.

Any other health conditions will be considered by the Breeder on a case by case basis.

If for any reason you can no longer keep the Show Dog at your home, the Show Dog will be returned to the Breeder to foster until a suitable home can be found.

If resold any cost Breeder incurs will be deducted from the selling price (feed, vet bills, shots, advertising, etc.)

the balance then forwarded to you the Buyer.

Buyer understands that under no circumstances will this Show Dog be turned over to an animal shelter of any kind.

Nor will it be put Show Dog in a home where such placement is possible.




The Buyer agrees that any willful or flagrant violation of the articles of this agreement may result, at the sole and
absolute discretion of the breeder, in the forfeiture of ownership and possession rights of the dog, and all claims
on the Show Dog by the Buyer, without refund of monies paid.

This contract embodies the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and supersedes any and all other
agreements between the parties in connection with the syndication of the Show Dog described herein.

This agreement may be amended at any time by the consent and signature of all parties in writing, provided that the
written document so states that the purpose of the document is to amend this agreement.

This agreement is hereby entered into and wholly executed in the State of Colorado and litigation arising from
any possible breach of this agreement shall be adjudicated in the County of Weld in the State of Colorado, under
Colorado law.

All parties hereby submit themselves to the jurisdiction of said courts. Should any provision of
this agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

By signature below, the Breeder and the Buyers affirm that they have read all SIX pages and understand this
agreement and will abide by the articles of this agreement.