The 2nd Big Spring Storm

March 24th 2010

It was 70 degrees the day before it all hit.

My sister Cindys angel after the storm.

Maestro and Fancy walking by.


My front yard angel.

My Veteran Annie.

Annie at 11 1/2 years old out eating snow.

Same spot looking to the south east border of the farm.

You can see how hard the wind was blowing out of the north.

Lets go for a walk out back...


Looking back at our little house in the middle :-)


By the horse barn looking west.

The mountains are shrouded in fog.


Same spot slightly different angle.


From the railroad car looking south.

Large arena on the left, Small arena straight ahead.


The west horse pasture.


On our dirt road heading south to the hill.


Stopping half way down the road checking out our pond...


This would have been pretty if it had been straight :-) ooops.


On the road heading to the east edge of our farm.

The road bends to the right by the tree line and starts up the hill

which overlooks Scout Island and the South Platte River basin.


This is from the bottom of the hill looking west with the Rockies hiding in the fog.


This is from the top of the hill looking southeast toward Scout Island.

After the spring thaw the river fills back up and goes around both sides of the Island.

Right now the river is running on the other side of the far tree line.

Scout Island is 12 acres in size.


This is my favorite sitting spot.

You can see the river band in the distance.

In the spring it will come toward where I am standing and curve to the left creating the north border of Scout Island.

Scout Island and this vantage point were used in the Mini-Series Centennial.

Below was almost the exact same spot in the fall just after sunrise.




This is the same vantage point looking to the northwest toward the pond and the west horse pasture.


The same vantage point looking north back toward the house and barns.

You can see one of the cattle pens on the hill on the right edge of the picture.

The average head count is 30,000 cattle.

So many in fact you can see them from outer space.